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Eric MackeyWelcome to the Alabama Educational Technology Conference website. I am confident that this year's conference will be highly informative and provide you with invaluable tools and information to enhance your knowledge of technology.

Technology in schools and classrooms is becoming more and more prevalent; therefore, we must continue to provide educational leaders with the vital resources needed to keep Alabama schools connected and competing in this rapidly changing technological age. We have made tremendous strides regarding technological advances in our public schools, thereby enabling students to learn and communicate, even in remote sections of the state. However, we still have more to do. In fact, as technology continues to evolve, so must we. One of our strategies is to utilize conferences such as this one to highlight the advantages of using technology and to provide the most up-to-date training possible to facilitate its use in our classrooms.

As we continue through the 21st Century, please remain committed to providing the highest standards of education to our students because this is vitally important to their successful journey into the future.


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